October heat? Nah! October showers!

Just when we thought monsoon season is over and October heat will roll in, surprise, surprise! We are still having daily showers here in Pune, India. Diwali is almost here and rains are showing no sign of stopping. generally in month of Oct, right around Diwali time we experience cool early mornings, layering of fog … Continue reading October heat? Nah! October showers!


Story of Parijatak/Night Jasmine!

Parijatak aka Prajakta are names in Marathi. English names are Night-flowering Jasmine, Coral jasmine, Night jasmine. Monsoon is upon us here in Pune, India. but guess what, we have another special daily showering in our garden which does not need an umbrella! I've a Parijatak tree in my backyard and it has been showering flowers … Continue reading Story of Parijatak/Night Jasmine!